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Cremation Today

Today, cremation is the process of reducing the mortal remains present in a casket to bone fragments through the application of intense heat. The body, usually in a casket or some other container, is placed in a cremation chamber where applied heat reduces the casket and body to ashes and bone fragments weighing from three to seven pounds for an average adult. The temperature may reach as high as 1700 degrees F and the process can take from 1 1/2 to 2 hours. After several hours cooling, ashes and bone fragments are separated from non-combustible materials such as bridgework and casket hinges.

The cremated remains, sometimes known as "cremains" are then reduced in size so they can be placed into a small temporary container, usually made of plastic. If a permanent container for the cremains, called an urn, has already been selected from the funeral director or crematory, the cremains can then be sealed inside and made ready for burial or some other final disposition. As long as health regulations are observed, embalming is not required for the process of cremation. Nevertheless, if the surviving family members desire a public funeral, with the body present and the casket open, then embalming becomes necessary.

If there is an immediate cremation, a memorial service is suggested. Inurment of the cremated remains can follow the memorial service.
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